Promoting activities to connect Vietnam-China enterprises

Thursday, 17 September 2015
In order to maximise the connecting roles in economic and trade promotion between enterprises from Vietnam and Chongqin (China), Vietnam Trade Promotion Office in Chongqin organised a mission to conduct survey on investment and business market in Vietnam from July 15-19, 2015. This mission is comprised of senior officials of Chongqin Foreign Trade and Economic Corporation, led by Corporation CEO, Mr. Zhang Fengwu.
The mission had some meetings with the government’s authorities such as Northern Investment Promotion Center (Foreign Investment Agency), International Cooperation Department (Ministry of Transportation) to understand the investment and business environment in the field of real estates, transportation infrastructure. etc in Vietnam.
In this visit to Vietnam, with the assistance of Trade Promotion Agency, the Chongqin Economic and Foreign Trade Corporation had chances to make contacts, work with big corporations in Vietnam such as Northern Food Corporation, Vietnam General Export and Import Corporation I, Industrial Equipment and Machines General Corporation etc to exchange their views on cooperation prospects. Chongqin Economic and Foreign Trade Corporation has realised that competitive agricultural products of Vietnam such as sliced tapioca, rubber, fish meal... are suitable for consuming demand in Chongqin and wish to cooperate soon with Vietnamese enterprises to import such products.
After completing their working programs with Vietnamese agencies and enterprises, on July 17, 2015, leaders of Chongqin Economic and Foreign Trade Corporation paid a courtesy call on Deputy Director General of the Trade Promotion Agency, Mr. Do Kim Lang to brief about their visit outcomes. They wished to receive further support from the Trade Promotion Agency-Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade in implementing cooperation activities in trade and investment with Vietnamese counterparts.

Mr. Zhang Fengwu, CEO of Chongqin Corporation briefed Mr. Do Kim Lang, Deputy Director General of the Trade Promotion Agency (Photo: Vietrade)

At the meeting, Mr. Zhang Fengwu, Chongqin Corporation CEO asserted his determination to boost up their cooperation with Vietnamese enterprises, firstly opening up its representative office in Hanoi. At the same time, in August this year, the Corporation will send working groups of member companies to Vietnam to implement cooperation activities relating to trade, investment with Vietnamese enterprises to follow up this visit’s success.


These are positive signs in the economic and trade relations between Vietnam and China in general and Chongqin in particular. Through this, Vietnam Trade Promotion Office in Chongqin has asserted their role, since its establishment and operation in May 2015, as a bridge to connect enterprises from both sides to promote trade and investment.

V.H (Source: Vietrade)

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