VN’s 10 key export items listed

Tuesday, 22 September 2015
Viet Nam’s total export and import turnover over the past eight months of the year exceeded US$216.76 billion, a year-on-year increase of 12.9%, according to the Viet Nam Customs.
The figure included an export value of US$106.5 billion and an import value of US$110.26 billion, up 9.2% and up 16.8%, respectively, resulting a trade deficit of US$3.76 billion.

The export value of phones and accessories ranked first among Viet Nam’s export items in the reviewed period with US$20.18 billion, up 32.6%.

The EU was the largest importer of Viet Nam’s phones and accessories with US$6.7 billion, up 22.3% and accounting for 33.2%, followed by the United Arab Emirates with US$3.17 billion, up 23%, the U.S. US$1.78 billion, up 109.5% and Germany US$1.2 billion, up 42.2%.

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In August only, the nation gained US$3.02 billion from exporting phones and accessories, up 19.1% against the previous month.

The exports of garment ranked second with US$14.9 in eight months, up 9.9%, US$7.34 billion of which was earned from the U.S. market.

The export turnover of computers, electronics and spare parts obtained US$9.99 billion over the recent eight months, up 53.5%, ranking third among Viet Nam’s export items. The nation gained US$1.97 billion from exporting the items to the EU.

Listed among top 10 Viet Nam’s largest export items included garment (US$7.95 billion), machines, equipment and tools (US$5.17 billion), timber and wooden products (US$4.35 billion), aquatic products (US$4.16 billion), crude oil (US$2.6 billion), handbags, suitcases, hats and umbrellas (US$1.94 billion) and coffee (US$1.81 billion). 

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