High tech products for development promotion

Thursday, 07 January 2016

The following is the list of high tech products eligible for development promotion, according to a Decision issued by the PM in 2014.


1. Operating systems for computers and mobile equipment; database management systems; base software providing value-added services;

2. Software assuring high-level network security and safety and information confidentiality;

3. Multi-factor authentication software and solutions;

4. Software for identifying scripts, images, sounds, gestures, movements, thoughts and biometric factors;

5. Software for controlling next-generation network terminal devices. Soft phones and codecs for multi-service assistance on the next-generation network background;

6. Software for systems applying radio frequency identification (RFID) cards;

7. Software for processing bio-medical information;

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8. Special-use background software for measurement and control;

9. Software and services to be applied to smart traffic control systems;

10. Service of designing and optimizing telecommunications networks and systems in the national telecommunications infrastructure;

11. Service of integrating cloud-computing systems;

12. Service of integrating Internet IPv6, mobile Internet and new-generation web application systems;

13. Digital automatic data processing and transmission equipment;

14. Large-capacity data storage devices;

15. Smartcards and smartcard readers;

16. RFID cards and RFID card readers;

17. Equipment for identifying scripts, voices, images, gestures, movements, thoughts and biometric factors;

18. Equipment assuring high-level network security and safety and information confidentiality;

19. Smart-house equipment system;

20. Smart control equipment system for net houses and green houses;

21. Smart traffic control system;

22. Next-generation network equipment, software and accessories (NGN, LTE-A, IMT- advanced);

23. New-generation webcams; digital audio frequency amplifiers; digital amplifiers;

24. New-generation smart mobile terminal devices;

25. Receivers, transmitters and inverters for use in the second-generation and next- generation digital television;

26. New-generation indoor/outdoor radio access equipment;

27. Parallel computers, high-performance computers;

28. High-definition displays;

29. New-generation power electronics semi-conductor components;

30. Integrated microcircuits (IC);

31. Sensors and smart actuators;

32. Biological chips and sensors;

33. Flexible electronics (FE) products and circuits;

34. Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS) and equipment using these systems;

35. High-performance and high-quality small-sized power motors;

36. Power generation stations with an output of 50 MW or higher;

37. Generators for thermal power plants with an output of 600 MW or higher;

38. Power generation systems powered by wind, solar, tidal, sea wave or geothermal energy;

39. Transformers of 500 kV or higher;

40. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for power grids; digital relay protectors for the power system;

41. Smart solar/wind inverters; heavy-duty and environment-friendly solar power cells;

42. Power electronics converters used for power generation stations powered by renewable energies, smart power transmission, industrial electric drive systems, and large-current electrolytic source units for chemical and ore-sorting industries;

43. Heavy-duty batteries and accumulators; uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units using super-capacitors;

44. Digital measuring and observation equipment and tools;

45. Laser distance meters;

46. Calipers of all kinds with an accuracy of up to 10 micrometers (microns); micrometers of all kinds with high accuracy;

47. Profile projectors;

48. Digital machines and tools for measuring flow and pressure of fluids and gases;

49. Digital equipment and tools for physico-chemical analysis;

50. Digital equipment and tools for gauging viscosity, porosity, elasticity and surface strain;

51. Digital equipment and tools for metering heat, sound volume and light;

52. Digital oscilloscopes, spectral analyzers and radiation meters;

53. Automatic control and supervision units and actuators for complete equipment systems in petrochemical refineries, power plants, rotary cement kilns, chains for food, pharmaceutical or fertilizer production, or agricultural, forest, aquatic and marine product processing, and hydraulic works;

54. Computerized numerically controlling (CNC) units for machine tools and manufacturing machines;

55. Control devices and automatic systems for large gravity load lifting machines;

56. Automated balancing system in ships;

57. Large ship cranes and large gravity load hoists;

58. Large gravity load lifting devices;

59. Self-elevating drilling units, semi-submersible rigs for petroleum exploitation;

60. New-generation high-precision mechanical working central machines;

61. Opened-chain industrial robots, parallel robots with three or more degrees of freedom;

62. Special-use AC servo engines, multi-axial servo gearing systems, decelerator boxes of high precision for robots and CNC machines;

63. Technical high-precision molds;

64. New-generation cultivating, tending, harvest and post-harvest machinery;

65. Systems of equipment for industrial-scale food processing and preservation;

66. Imaging diagnosis equipment;

67. Picture archiving communication systems (PACS);

68. Automatic and complete testing systems;

69. Functional probes;

70. Cancer and cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment instruments;

71. Medical laser instruments;

72. Digital micro-surgical instruments;

73. Endoscopic devices for diagnosis and treatment;

74. Automated injection and transfusion equipment;

75. Chemicals and biologicals for automatic and complete testing systems;

76. Materials and products for transplanting in human body;

77. Complex optical microscopes;

78. High-quality lens, prisms, contact lenses;

79. Large-capacity laser machines (except laser diodes);

80. Satellites and satellite equipment;

81. Terminal transmitting and receiving equipment and stations of satellites;

82. Equipment applying global positioning system technology;

83. Aerial vehicles and software for processing data received from aerial vehicles;

84. New key plant varieties and animal breeds for export which are created on the background of cell technology and to be produced on an industrial scale and of high yield, disease-free and high quality;

85. High-quality, disease-free, high-yield and disease-resistant breeds of aquatic animals for industrial-scale production;

86. International-standard micro-organism preparations for use in agriculture, preservation and processing of agricultural, forest, aquatic and marine products and environmental treatment;

87. International-standard new-generation fertilizers and plant protection drugs;

88. Plant growth regulators; international-standard new-generation erogenous agents for aquatic animals;

89. Kits for diagnosis of a number of plant and animal diseases;

90. Natural and synthetic hormones and pharmaceuticals containing hormones;

91. Recombinant ADN vaccines and recombinant protein vaccines used for humans, cattle, poultry and aquatic animals;

92. Multivalent vaccines;

93. Substitutive cells, tissues and organs created from stem cells;

94. Kits for diagnosis of diseases and control of food safety for humans;

95. Gene assessment service;

96. Semi-conductor materials for manufacture of integrated microcircuits (IC);

97. Materials for manufacture of micro-electromechanical components and sensors on new principles;

98. Optoelectronic and photonic materials;

99. High-purity materials manufactured by extraction technology on an industrial scale;

100. Super-elastic, super-durable, ultra-light and environment-friendly materials;

101. Metal-matrix composite materials, polymer-matrix composites applied by electric and electronic techniques for use in harsh environments and construction which are durable in tropical climate;

102. Bio-degradable polymer materials; superabsorbent polymers made from domestic materials;

103. Environment-friendly high-class special-use paints;

104. Special-use technical rubber and synthetic rubber materials for machine building, electricity industry and electronics;

105. Technical ceramics for electric industry and electronics;

106. High-intensity carbon fibers for composite materials;

107. New materials for energy storage and conversion;

108. High-class magnetic materials for use in the energy sector;

109. High-class nano-materials for industry, agriculture, health care, biology and environment;

110. Products covered with membranes manufactured by physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technologies;

111. High pressure- and chemical corrosion-resistant composite tubes and fittings for industrial use;

112. Special alloy steel of high durability for industry and construction;

113. High-quality steel sheets, large-sized steel shapes and unwrought steel tubes;

114. High-class aluminum manufactured by 500-kA electrolytic technology./.

Van Hai (Source: VGP)

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