Party chief names six central tasks for next five years

Thursday, 21 January 2016
Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong called for focusing on six central tasks for the next five years while presenting a report at the opening ceremony of the 12th National Party Congress.


First, enhancing and consolidating the Party-building; preventing and push backing degradation of political ideology, morality, lifestyle, and signs of self-changing” and “self-transforming”; focusing on building a contingent of cadres, especially strategic level cadres with high capacity, virtue, and prestige.

Second, building an capable and effective political apparatus; accelerating the combat of corruption, wastefulness, bureaucracy.

Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong. Photo: VGP

Third, focusing on improving growth quality, productivity and competitiveness of the economy; effectively pursuing three strategic breakthroughs; comprehensively restructuring the economy in association with growth model transformation; beefing up industrialization and modernization, especially in agriculture and rural development; effectively restructuring State-owned enterprises and State budget; handling bad debt and ensuring public debt.

Forth, resolutely and consistently struggling to firmly protect independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity; firmly maintaining peaceful and stable environment for national development; expanding and deepening external relations; fruitfully implementing international integration in the new context, continuing to improve the country’s position and prestige in the international arena.

Fifth, attracting and bringing into play all resources and creativity of the people; improving the people’s material and spiritual life, effectively settling urgent issues; strengthening social management and development, ensuring social and human security, social welfare improvement and sustainable poverty reduction; promoting the people’s right to mastery and the strength of national great solidarity.

Sixth, utilizing human resources in all areas; focusing on human development in terms of morality, personality, brainpower and working capacity; developing a healthy cultural environment./.

Van Hai (Source: VGP)

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