Views of development and main goals by 2010

Monday, 02 February 2015

 Views of development
The main point of view is mobilizing the maximum internal force of the province, take all the advantages of Central’s help, fixing with gaining all useful elements in international cooperation in order to strengthen labor force and perfect manufacturing relation. From that, enhancing industrialization and modernization, improving residents’ life, obtaining higher economic position in Mekong Delta and nationwide.

Continuing to develop economic market with diversified components towards Socialist orientation. Making market elements more and more integrated, perfect, useful in the effective microscopic management of the State. Encouraging investment and legal business activities of sectors of the economy.
Enhancing economic integration connecting with firm maintenance of sovereignty, and national security. Concentrating on upgrading the competitiveness of the economy in order to strengthen exportation, attracting and using effectively foreign investment capital resources. Through integration and international competitiveness, helping provincial enteprises develop.
Economic growth must be combined with social justice. Attaching tightly and developing harmoniously among economy- culture- society. Planning social policies, firstly on these fields: solving employment, hunger eradication, poverty alleviation, giving priorities to ethnic minority regions, remote areas, and islands.
Take maximum advantages of human beings factor in the process of industrialization and modernization. Focusing on increasing manpower sources both in quantity and quality. Holding firm and developing cultural identity and national tradition as well as receiving the cultural essence of mankind for the purpose of obtaining thorough development.
Concentrating on quick, stable, and firm development, making sure that factors of economic growth come together with social justice, protecting natural environment, ecology, increasing residents’ intellectual and material life.

  Main goals by 2010

Striving to obtain annual average economic growth rate of 9- 10% in the 2001- 2005 period, 10- 11% in the 2006- 2010 period.
GDP ratio per person is 544 USD by 2005( exchange from stable price of 1994), and 822 USD by 2010.
Moving economic structure in tendency of increasing proportion of industry and services in GDP of the entire province. By 2005, agriculture- forestry- fishery : 41%, construction industry: 32%, and 27% services. By 2010, correspondent proportion is 34%,35% and 31%.
Budget revenue rate compared with GDP in the 2001- 2005 period reaches 10%, and 22% in the 2006- 2010 period.
Investment accumulation rate compared with GDP in the2001- 2005 period reaches 20%, and 22% in 2006- 2010.
Export turnover reaches 300 mil. USD in 2005 and 546 mil. USD in 2010.
Welcoming 0,5 mil. tourists by 2005 and 1 mil. tourists by 2010.

Carrying out well family planning program, decreasing natural increase rate from 1,49% by 2005 to 1,32% by 2010.
Concentrating on solving labor employment based on production development, services, and labor export. Striving to solve employment for 25.000 labors every year.
Raising residents’ living standard, alleviating porverty rate of households from 10% in 2000 to 2% by 2010.
80% of local population have been provided with clean water by 2005 and 95% by 2010.
80% of provincial residents have had electric power for home use by 2005 and 90% by 2010.