Monday, 02 February 2015

A. List of specially encouraged investment sectors:
I. Production of new materials and energy; production of high technology, biological technology and information technology products; mechanical production. 

1. Production of composite material, light building materials and precious materials. 
2. Production of high grade steel, compound metals, special metals, soft steel and steel billets.
3. Investment in the construction of factories using solar energy, windy energy, biological gas, geothermy and tide. 
4. Production of medical equipment used in analytic and extractive technologies; orthopedic instruments, specialized tools and wheel chairs for handicapped people. 
5. Application of advanced technologies and biological technology for production of  medicine in accordance with GMP standard; production of antibiotic materials. 
6. Production of computers, telecommunication and internet equipment, and important IT products. 
7. Production of transitors and high-tech electronic accessories; production of software products, digital informatic content; supply of softwares service; 
8. Investment in manufacturing of accurate mechanical equipment; security controlling and testing machinery and equipment for industrial manufacture; industrial robots.

II. Growing, planting, processing of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products; production of artificial breedings, new plant and animal breedings.
9. Afforestation and looking after forests.
10. Farming, afforestation and aquatic culture on uncultivated land and water area.
11. Fishing at offshore areas.
12. Production of artificial breedings, new animal and plant breedings bearing highly economic effectiveness.
13. Salt production, exploitation and refinement.

III. Usage of high technology and advanced techniques; environmental protection; research, 
development and germination of high technology;
14. Application of high technology and new technology which have not been used in Vietnam; application of bio-tecnology.
15. Pollution treatment and environment protection; manufacture of equipment for environmental pollution treament, observation and environmental analysing equipment.
16. Collection and processing of waste water, waste gas, solid waste; waste recycling and reuse.
17. High technology germination, development and research.

IV. Labour intensive use
 18. Projects employing regularly over 5,000 employees.
V. Construction and development of infrastructure and important projects
19. Investment in construction and trade of infrastructure of industrial zones, export processing zones, high tech parks, economic zones and important projects specified by the Prime Minister.

VI. Development of education, training, health care and sports.
20. Investment in construction of establishments for drug and cigarettes addiction treatment.
21. Investment in construction of hygienic establishments for epidemic prevention.
22. Investment in setting up geriatric centres, relief activities, handicapped and orphaned people caring  activities.
23. Investment in construction of sports training centres for high achievements and for handicapped people; construction of sports centres which are well equipped and meet the requirements for organization of international prizes.

VII. Other production and service sectors 
24. Investment in research and development (R&D) accounting for over 25% of turnover.
25. Sea rescue service.
26. Investment in construction of apartment buildings for workers in industrial zones, export processing zones, high-tech parks, economic zones; investment in construction of students’ dormitories and accommodation for beneficiary of social welfare.

B. List of encouraged investment sectors:
I. Manufacture of new materials, new energy; manufacture of high-tech, biological and IT products; mechanical production. 
1. Production of soundproof, heat and electricity insulated materials; compound materials for wood replacement; fireproof matrials; construction composite; glass fibre; special-use cement.
2. Production of non-ferrous metals, iron refinement.
3. Production of moulds for metal and non-metal products. 
4. Investment in building new hydro-electricity plants, electricity distribution and transmission.
5. Production of medical equipment; construction of storehouses for protection of pharmaceutical products; reserves of medicine for humans in case of natural calamities, disasters and serious epidemics.
6. Production of toxic testing equipment in food.
7. Development of petro-chemical industry.
8. Production of coke coal and active coal.
9. Production of plant protection chemicals, insecticides; veterinary medicines.
10. Medical materials and medicines for social diseases prevention; vaccines; medical biological products; herbal medicines.
11. Investment in construction of facilities for biological experiments and assessment of usability of medicines; pharmaceutical establishments up to the standard of good practice in production, storage, analysis, experiment, clinical testing, growing, havesting and processing of pharmaceutical materials.
12. Development of sources of pharmaceutical materials and production of medicines from pharmaceutical materials; projects for research or substantiation ofscientific bases of herbal remedies, and building a standard to carry out experiments of the herbal remedy; conducting surveys and collection of statistics of pharmaceutical materials used for the remedy; collection, inheritance and application of these herbal remedies; seeking, exploiting and using new pharmaceutical materials. 
13. Production of electronic products.
14. Production of machinery, equipment and groups of parts in the fields of oil and gas exploitation, energy, cement; production of large sized lifting equipment; production of tool machines for metals processing and metallurgy equipment.
15. Investment in production of medium and high voltage mechanical tools, large-sized dynamos.
16. Investment in production of diesel engines; investment in production, repair and building of ships; equipment and parts for transportation and fishing vessels; production of machines and parts for dynamic and hydraulic industries, compressing machines.
17. Production of construction equipment, machines and vehicles; technical equipment for transportation; locomotives and railway compartments. 
18. Investment in production of tool machines, machines, equipment and spare parts for agricultural and forestry production, food processing machines, irrigation equipment.
19. Investment in production of machines and equipment to serve textiles, garments and leather industries.

II. Growing, planting, processing of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products; production of artificial breedings, new plant and animal varieties.
20. Growing pharmaceutical plants.
21. Investment in storage of agricultural products after harvesting; storage of agricultural and aquatic products, foodstuffs.
22. Production of bottled and canned fruit juice. 
23. Production and refinement of feed for cattle, poultry and aquatic creatures. 
24. Technical services for industrial and timber trees planting, animal husbandry, aquaculture, plants and animals protection.
25. Production, multiplication and cross-breeding of new plant and animal varieties.

III. Use of high technology, advanced techniques; ecological environment protection; research, development and germination of high technology.
26. Production of equipment for responding and dealing with oil spills.
27. Production of equipment for waste treatment.
28. Investment in construction of technical facilities and works; laboratories and experimental stations for applying new technologies into production; investment in setting up research institutes.

IV. Labour intensive use
29. Projects regularly employing from 500 to 5,000 employees.

V. Infrastructure construction and development
30. Construction of infrastructure serving production and business of co-operatives and lives of communities.
31. Investment in commercial operation ofinfrastructure and in production in industrial complexes, 
industrial locations and complexes of craft villages.
32. Construction of water factories, water supply systems to serve civil and industrial production; 
investment in construction of water drainage systems.
33. Construction and upgrading of bridges, roads, terminals, airports, seaports, railway stations, bus 
stations, parking areas; establishment of additional routes of railways.
34. Construction of technical infrastructure of concentrated residential areas in such locations mentioned in Appendix II issued with this Decree.

VI. Development of education, training, health care, physical education,sports and national culture.
35. Investment in construction of infrastructure of education and training establishments; investment in building schools, semi-public and private education and training establishments at levels of pre-school education, general education, technical high education, vocational training and university education.
36. Setting up private or people’s funded hospitals. 
37. Building physical exercise and sports centres, gymnasiums, sports clubs; establishments for 
production, manufacture and repair of equipment, supplies and apparatus for sports training and physical exercise.
38. Establishment of cultural houses; cultural and artistic troupes; theatres, studios, film printing and developing agents, cinemas; manufacture and repairing national musical instruments; restoration and preservation of museums, cultural houses and schools for culture and arts.
39. Investment in construction of national tourist sites, eco-tourist resorts; cultural park complexes including activities of sports, entertainment and recreation.

VII. Development of traditional professions 
40. Building up and development of traditional occupations for production of handicraft and fine art products, processing agricultural products and foodstuffs and cultural products.

VIII. Other production and service sectors.
41. Provision of internet connection, access and application services, points for public telephone 
accessing service in the locations listed in Appendix II issued with this Decree.
42. Development of public transportation, including transportation by sea, air, railway; road 
transportation of passengers by over 24 seat buses; transportation of passengers by modern and high-speed vehicles by inland waterway; transportation by containers.
43. Investment in relocation of production establishments to non-urban areas.
44. Investment in construction of class I markets and exhibition centres. 
45. Production of toys for children.
46. Capital mobilization and loans granting of People’s Credit Funds.
47. Consultancy in respect of legal matters, intellectual property and technology transfer.
48. Production of various types of materials for insecticides.
49. Production of basic chemicals, purified chemicals, specialized chemicals and dyes.
50. Production of materials for cleansing chemicals, additives for the chemical industry.
51. Production of paper, cartons board and artificial planks from domestic materials; production of pulp.
52. Making textile fabric and completing of textiles products; production of silk and fibres of all kinds; leather tanning and semi-processing.
53. Investment projects for production in industrial zones established under a decision of Prime Minister of the Government.