Monday, 02 February 2015

1. Invesment fields with condition are:
a. Business fields exerting impact on national defence and security, and social order and security; 
b. Finance and banking; 

c. Business fields exerting impact on community health; 
d. Culture, information, press and publication; 
e. Entertaining service; 
f. Real estate; 
g. Natural resource study, exploration and exploitation; ecology; 
h. Training ang education development; 
i. Some other fields according to the law;

2. As for foreign investor, apart from the invesment fields regulated in clause 1, the conditioned invesment fields also consits of the ones in the implementation route of international commitment in international conventions that Vietnam in the member.

3. Foreign investor receive the same invesment condition as for Vietnamese investor in case the Vietnamese owns 51% or more the chatered capital of the business