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Planning Industrial Parks to Sharpen Comoetitive Edge

Monday, 02 February 2015

Thanh Loc Industrial Park Complex 
Located in Chau Thanh district, about 8 kilometres from Rach Gia City to the Northwest, along the Cai San canal linking Ho Chi Minh city, with Hon Chong - Kien Luong - Ha Tien seaports,

and located along NAtional road 80, about 2 kilometres from Rach Gia airport, the Thanh Loc industrial park complex has ann area of 458.35 hectares, in which the Thanh loc industrial park covers 250 hectares, commercial and service zone with 148.5 hectares, and residental zone for workers and resettled dwellers with 60.43 hectares. At present, the Thanh Loc industrial park has completed its investment procedure and is attracting domestic and international visitors to develop and operate its infrastructure and build factories. The industrial park prefers mechanical engineering, electronic and electric equipment assembly, agricultural product processing, construction material production and other industries.

Tac Cau Industrial Park 
The Tac Cau industrial park, located in Chau Thanh district, covers an area of 68 hectares. It lies along the Cai Be River linking with the Cai Lon River, which pours into the sea and is about one kilometre from National road 61, 15 kilometres from Rach Gia AirPOrt and 20 kilometres from Rach Gia city. The Tac Cau industrial Park will serve the fishing logisics service and aquatic processing and will be the major seafood market in Kien Giang province. the Tac Cau industrial park has completed its detailed planning. Curently, Kien Giang province is calling domestic and international investors to develop and operate the industrial park. Preferable bissiness in the industrial park are aquatic and agricultural  product processing, package production, plastic production, mechanical engineeering and ice production.

Thuan yen Industrial Park 
The Thuan yen industrial park, situated in Ha Tien town, has an area of 141 hectares, about 30 kilometres from Xa Xia International Border Gate and Hon Chong Sea Port. It lies along the Ha Giang Road which connects Kien Giang with An Giang province and some 5 kilometres from National Road 80. Thuan Yen is a general industrial park designed for such fields as mechanical engineering, electronic and electric parts assembly, garment and textile, argicultural and aquatic product processing, frozen aquatic processing canned food production, building material production and other processing industries. The project was built in 2007 and is scheduled to be completed by 2015.

Xeo ro Industrial Park Complex 
The Xeo Ro Industrial park complex, situated in An Bien district, has an area of 298 hectares, in which the industrial park accounts for 200 hectares, the commerce and servicing zone is 68 hectares and residential and resettlement zone is 30 hectares. the Xeo Ro industrial park is under detailed planning. The facility is expected to house such business fields as processing industry, garment and textile industry, shipbuilding industrial, construction material production and other industries. This industrial park is 15 kilometres from Rach Gia city to the south.

Kien Luong Indsutrial Park
Kien luong industrial park is located in Kien Binh communeand Kien Luong township in Kien Luong district, about 20 kilometres from Ha Tien town along National Road 80. It border Holcim cement plant and Lung Lon canal. With a total area of 2,600 hectares, the industrial park houses a 4,400 MW power centre, a deepwater port in Nam Du islands, three specialised ports for ship of 10,000 tonnes and a general port for ships of 3,000 tonnes. Kien luong imdutrial park is designed for hi-tech, electronics, IT, precision engineering, heavy industry, aquatic and agricultural processing, food and foodstuff industries. At present, the People's Committee of Kien Giang province has assigned the Tan Tao Group to make detailed planning for the Kien Luong indsutrila Park. According to the plan, the first phase of the project will be built until 2015 wiht an areas of 900 hectares and the second phase will be developed until 2020 with the rest of 1,700 hectares.

Kien Luong Industrial Park II
With an area of 100 hectares, the Kien Luong industrial park II lies southeast of Kien Luong district and is in close proximity to National Road 11 in the southeast, and very close to Tra Duoc Nho Mount. The industrial park is connected to National Road 11 in the south and to Lung Lon - Tam Ngan Canal in the Northwest. The Kien Luong Industrial Park II is near to the blueprint Hon Chong Port, which can support ships of 10,000 tonnes to 15,000 tonnes. The Kien Luong Indsutrial Park II is designed for processing industry, consumer goods production, supporting indsutries and other indsutries.
To implement its industrial park development planning, Kien Giang province will carry out many consistent and synchoeonous policies. Regarding policy apparatus, then province will accelerate administrative reforms to create a friendlier climate for investors to develop and operate industrial parks as well as build in industrial parks. With respect to science and technology, the province will introduce policies to support enterprises to use modern technologies and equipment, green technologies, etc and assit them to renovate technologies. At tha same time, Kien Giang province will also implement measures on environment, human resources, administrative governance, etc. to develop industrial parks sustainably.