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Monday, 02 February 2015
Kien Hai district consists of 73 islands and the administraive center is in Hon Tre, 28 kilometer west from Rach Gia town. Kien Hai locates in the middle of the west sea adjacent to Ha Tien district and Hon Dat district to the North,
An Bien and An Minh district to the south, Rach Gia city and Chau Thanh district to the east and Phu Quoc district to the east and Phu Quoc district to west. Its shape is formed by 3 groups of island and archipelago in Rach Gia Gulfestablishing 3 communal units: Hon Tre Commune in Hon Tre island, Lai Son Commune in Son rai island, An Son Commune consists of Cu Tron archipelago’s 21 island ( Nam Du ) which are 25 kilometers far from the district’s administrative center.
Kien Hai district plays an important role in the Kien giang’s security and defence. It has a diversified potential: a lot of seafood in the sea and precious minerals in the island. In terms of transport, mainly is sea route, roadsway is just used for trafficking among islands. The natural and social features show some distinctive ways of each island’s business and cultural activities. Seafood is Kien Hai’s main strength.
Means of transport to Kien Hai’s island are high speech ships, wooden or iron passenger ships.
Hon Tre is Kien Hai’s district capital, 28 kilometer coast from Rach Gia city. It is also called the Tortoise Island because looking from the mainland its shape is like a huge totoise lying in the middle of the sea. It has fresh water all year and gardens of plentiful fruit – trees which is famous for custard – apples. There are a lot of unexplored and deep caves. The island has beautiful and unique beaches and expanses of rocks.
It is very beautiful beach in the west of Hon Tre, has gold dust and natural reefs. Tourists can go swimming, go fishing, enjoy the wiew of the sunset ans go sightseeing aroundthe island by small boats. Grunting toadfish live in small caves along the beach whose meat is very tasty.
It is large cave of Hon Tre island, has many small alleys formed by small andlarge rocks. Some ancient large jars made of Sa Huynh clay were found in some Cave’s alley.
It is located in the east, at the island’s mid – mountain, rather high and difficult to climb. When tourist use the pebble knocking on large,the sound is made like the sound made of the bronze bell. Tu Van peak ( Da Dai ) – the highest peak can be seen if standing at the slope.
The rock – point to the south of the island’s end from the height tilts to the sea looks like aa tortoise’s tail. He scenery is wild and isolate because cylinder rocks are arranged according to sizes. Standing at the rock – point, tourists will feel like standing at the world’s terminal point.
It is 53 kilometers west from Rach Gia city and has many beauty spots: Da Ban spur, Ngu Well, Fairy Yard, Ma Thien Lanh Peak,Thien Tue Beach. Looking from the offshore, Son Rai seems to be pristime with no signals of cultivation and rows of coconut trees stretching along the sea as far as eyes can see. There are more 10 fish sauce producing factories in the island whose Hon Son fish sauce is as famous as Phu Quoc’s one.
It was built in 1963 in Bai Chuong and the rebuilt at Bai Nam’s head. There is a very big whale’s skeleton in the Tomb and whales are worshipped and called “Grandfather” by the people in the island. Each year on January 19th and 20th ( Lunar calendar ), special worship activities with Nghinh Ong rituals are taken place here.
BA CHUA XU TEMPLE ( QUEEN TEMPLE )( Hamlet number 2, Lai Son Commune ):
It was built long ago and repaired for many times. It is located on the main road and used to worship Ba Chua Xu. There are altars of genies of the earth and god of agriculture who come from the daily life’s religion. The worship day is on Ferbuary 15th ( Lunar calendar ) each year.
Ba Co Chu was the first comer and cultivated Son Rai island and she was regarded as Lai Son’s genie so the temple’s another name is “ island’s genie Temple” Fishermen from everywhere who came here to settle worship her with the wish of peaceful life.  
It is also called Cu Tron archipelago consisting of 21 islands in which Cu Tron island is the largest. There are many beauty spots in the island: Chet beach, Ngu beach, Red Soil and Phao Dai ( the Fortress ). The Lai Son – Nam Du exploring tour is very interesting for tourists who like explore the island.