“Made-in-Vietnam” 3D website

Monday, 02 February 2015

Three years is the  period that Pham Hoai An and his colleagues from Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) have spent to study and improve the first three dimensional website (3D web) in Vietnam,

namelywww.web3d.com.vn, using the technology such as NET 2.0, Maya, VRay, 3Ds Max, Flash, etc.
3D web can be simply understood as embedding pictures of houses, rooms, furniture, vehicles, machine, equipment, electronic components which have a real and lively 3D design into web pages and we can see them through web browsers. Users can use mouse or arrow keys on the keyboard to rotate, move, flip horizontally or vertically or detach any parts of the models.

According to Master Ngo Duc Hoang, Director of the Integrated Circuit Design Research & Education Center (ICDREC) in Ho Chi Minh City, on 3D web, the pictures of merchandise, device, etc. are able to move optionally in three dimensional space. This technology can be applied in business, mechanics, design, education or distance teaching and learning.

3D webs now are particularly designed according to the open standards, so it can inspire users’ creativity.

Pham Hoai An said that his group is now cooperating with a company specializing in interior design to create 3D products and posts them on web. Hoai An and his group also continue to contact and cooperate with more domestic companies to present more 3D design of house, machine and equipment on web.
Source: Saigon-gpdaily