Top 10 science, technology events of the year

Monday, 02 February 2015

1. National fund set up for technology renovations

In August, the Prime Minister decided to establish a national fund for technology renovations, with VND1 trillion in chartered capital. As a unit of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the fund aims to finance efforts by organizations, individuals and enterprises to renovate and improve technology.

2. Biggest software park’s license revoked

In November, the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee decided to revoke the license granted to the Thu Thiem Software Park Project, invested by TA Associates Vietnam. It was considered the country’s biggest software park project, with over US$1.2 billion in investment capital. The company broke ground for the project in July 2008 but had made no further progress.

3. Cyber security

More than 300 websites in Vietnam with domain had been attacked by the end of December. Hackers often target major organizations and companies to acquire information or for phishing. There were also crime rings using modern technology to attack governments, agencies and organizations.

An engineer at BKAV deals with cyber viruses 

4. FPT and camera for Japanese satellite

FPT Technology Research Institute has taken part in manufacturing electronic units that regulate a global observing camera as part of a Japan satellite project called RISESAT. According to experts, photos taken by RISESAT can be used in agriculture to watch plant development or forests.

5. No new decree on Internet management

A new decree on Internet management was expected to come out in 2011 but it there is none. Decree 97 is still in effect though it lags behind the reality. The Ministry of Information and Communications held a workshop in October to introduce a draft for a new decree but many delegates said it was actually not new.

6. Study on southern region

In social science, the Ministry of Science and Technology has accepted a social science project on the making and development of the southern region. The study is on natural conditions, history and typical characters as well as society and culture of the region during its making.

7. Towards 4G technology

Viettel tested 4G technology in Hanoi and HCMC in May. Services included video streaming, live TV, HD video call, video conference, and VoD-TVoD. In October 2010, the Ministry of Information and Communications allowed Viettel, VNPT, CMC, FPT and VTC to test 4G technology.

8. Manufacturing 32-bit chips

In November, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced a project to manufacture 32-bit chips and build an application system. ICDREC was carrying out the project. It is the biggest project over the past 50 years in terms of capital – more than VND145 billion – invested by the ministry. Making 32-bit chips is considered the first step for later production of RFID HF and UHF chips.

Announcement of the chip manufacturing project

9. Over US$600 million to build national space center 

In November, the Vietnamese Government assigned the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology to build a national space center at a cost of more than US$600 million with support from Japanese designers and technicians. The center will cover 9 hectares in Hoa Lac High-Tech Park in Hanoi. It is set for completion by 2018.

10. HCM City starts supplying scientific services

Early 2011, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology started supplying scientific services. The city expects that there would be 400 graduates in scientific services over the next five years. Also in 2011, the department teamed up with IBM in introducing scientific services to some universities.
Source: Saigon-gpdaily