Vietnam invests abroad via 736 projects

Monday, 02 February 2015

 The Ministry of Planning and Investment said that it had granted licenses for 66 projects to invest abroad US$1.217 billion worth of total registered capital, while adjusting licenses for nine projects to invest abroad with supplementary capital of US$95.121 million in the first nine months of this year.

    Vietnam has invested abroad over US$1.312 billion worth of new and supplementary capital in these months. Most projects are in agriculture, forestry, wholesale, retail sale, repair, processing and manufacturing (amounting to eight projects) and services, accommodation, food services, education and training (eight projects).

    The Foreign Investment Department under the Ministry of Planning and Investment said that Vietnamese investment abroad in the first nine months of this year had increased by six projects but had reduced by over US$300 million from a year ago.

    By this September Vietnam had invested abroad about US$15.04 billion worth of total registered capital for 736 projects. Of these, 133 projects are in wholesale, retail sale and repair; 122 projects are in manufacturing; 94 projects are in mining; 89 projects are in agriculture and forestry and 66 projects are in science and technology.

    So far Vietnam has invested in over 60 countries and territories. Laos has led them attracting 221 Vietnamese projects with over almost US$3.8 billion, followed by Cambodia (123 projects and almost US$2.57 billion) and Russia (16 projects and US$1.7 billion), plus the US, Malaysia, the Republic of Korea, Japan and Singapore./.

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