Views of development The main point of view is mobilizing the maximum internal force of the province, take all the advantages of Central’s help, fixing with gaining all useful elements in international cooperation in order to strengthen labor force and perfect manufacturing relation. From that, enhancing industrialization and modernization, improving residents’ life, obtaining higher economic position in Mekong Delta and nationwide.
Compared advantages Favorable geographical position: Kien Giang borders the Gulf of Thailand, and is near ASEAN countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore . It also has diversified topography: a long coastline (200 km), many rivers, mountains, and islands (105 small and big islets).
Kien Giang has developed its education system in both quantity and quality. Recently, thank to upgraded infrastructure of schools, improved rural living standard, especially better rural transportation, pupils coming to class increase rapidly. The Kien Giang latest statistics show that:
In the past 10 years, the provincial health care system has been upgraded, built new hospitals and health care centers at all districts and wards. All health care units are synchronously equipped, facilitating the treatment of illness for all people. In 2001, the average bed is 15.8 beds/1,000 persons.
In 2001, the province has totally 66 post offices and 53 cultural post station in communes.  Almost post offices are well developed with automatic equipment to maintain and develop new services such as authorized post service, flower telegraph, EMS, post
Kien Giang transportation is highly systematic including the road, the water and the air which are the centre of national transporting lines.
Population According to the results of census of the population in 2003, Kien Giang is co-inhabited by 1.623.834 people, among them women make up 50,8%. 
Land Resources: Total natural area of Kien Giang is 626.906 ha, including: ³ Agricultural land : 422.332 ha.  ³ Forestry land : 118.713 ha.  ³ Pecialized land : 41.837 ha. (Transportation, irrigation…)  ³ Inhabitat land : 11.477 ha.  ³ Virgin land : 32.345 ha.