DRIED EEL: Prepare eel, leave bones, mix eel meat with fish sauce, minced chilli, sugar and a litle wine. Pin the eel, then dry it out. Dried eel can be fried or grilled.
BANH CANH CHA CA ( RICE NOODLE SOUP WITH FISH PASTE ): Noodles must be soft and strong enough to avoid being smashed in boiled water. The soup is specially made from stewed pig bones, fresh mackerel, or barracuda bones. Along with the fish paste made from fried fresh sea fish, there are also sliced mackerel and barracuda. Putting in tha soup some fish sauce and chilli make it more flavor some and appetising.
RUOU SIM ( TOMENTOSE ROSE MYRTLE WINE ): A kind of wine made from Phu Quoc tomentose rose myrtle fruits. There are 3 kinds of Ruou Sim: Coctail wine( tomentose rose myrtle fruits are steeped in winr and sugar ), white wine ( wine made fromdried fruits ), and red wine ( wine made from fresh fruits ).
RICE PANCAKE WITH NARROWLEAF CATTAIL FILLING ( VIETNAMESE BON BON PIZZA ): Mix flour made from new rice with smoothly grinded saffron, coconut milk and chopped green onions. Make sure the pizza will meet all requirment of flavour, taste, etc. Pork, chicken, or duck fried with minced garlic can be used to make stuffing.
Baked black head: Only in Phu Quoc can the visitors enjoy fresh and tasty Black – head…. With different flavours and colours. The dish is best when the baked after being mixed with peppers and salt, soya, cheese, satay and some other spices and it is excellent to have this food with wine or beer.
KIEN HAI Kien Hai district consists of 73 islands and the administraive center is in Hon Tre, 28 kilometer west from Rach Gia town. Kien Hai locates in the middle of the west sea adjacent to Ha Tien district and Hon Dat district to the North,
U MINH THUONG The upper U Minh lies in 4 districts’ areas: An Bien, An Minh, Vinh Thuan and U Minh Thuong. Its terrain includes the upper U Minh jungles, protective forest near the sea and fields with interlacing canal system which are favourable for waterway traffic, agriculture, aquatic and seafood development. The Roadway has Nam Ky Khoi Nghia road which is now the interprovincal Road 63.
PHU QUOC :       Phu Quov is the most largest island of Viet Namwith 52km long and 3 to 25 km wide. Near the south is An Thoi archipelago with 21 islands Tho Chau archipelago with 8 islands is long 110km from Phu Quoc island. Phu Quoc locate at the opposite side of Kampot coast of Cambodia, and 46km to Mui Nai ( Ha Tien ) 46km.
HA TIEN        Ha Tien is a town located at 90km northwestern Kien Giang terrain is bumble with many hills and mountains emerge in the northeast coastal field of Kien Luong, near the 8,8km long border of Cambodia.
KIEN LUONG:        It is 62 kilometers Northwest and 28 kilometers Southeast far from Rach Gia city and Ha Tien town respectively. Kien Luong bordersCambodia to the northwest and is adjacent to Hon Dat district in the East, An Giang province in the west – Southwest and the sea in the Northeast.
HON DAT :          Hon Dat lies on the west coats of Rach Gia Bayis 30 kilometers northwest from Rach Gia city. It is adjacent to Rach Gia and Tan Hiep district in the east, An Giang province in the north, Kien Luong district in the west, and sea in the southwest.
RACH GIA:        It is the center of economy politic and culture of Kien Giang province, lies in the southwest Gulf of Viet Nam. Rach Gia has 15 kilometer long coastline and many river, canal's mouths to the sea. therefore,